Welcome to Smart Interio, which one is the Best? Modular Kitchen or Carpenter Made Kitchen. Read these three points before you take the right decision.

A Comprehensive & Easy Guide

What is Modular Kitchen / Modular Wardrobe ?

A modular Kitchen is a machine-made Product from a CNC factory and it needs an empty space / Room to fix; there is no need to put a Concrete slab for any modular kitchen.
The specially imported Hardware fittings (Minifix) connect the panels in the modular kitchen/ Wardrobe, unlike the NAILS used in Carpenter-made kitchen/wardrobes.
A modular Kitchen is a contemporary concept of Kitchen which comprises Cabinets, Shutters, Drawers, and Shelves in a manner that saves up a lot of space.

modular kitchen

A Comprehensive & Easy Guide

Why Modular Kitchen?


Modular Kitchen vs Carpenter-Made Kitchen: 16 Reasons Why Hiring a Carpenter Is a Mistake

Your neighbour just bought a sleek and stylish modular kitchen. While you love the way it looks, you don’t know whether it would be an improvement over a traditional, carpenter-made one. Almost every homeowner has faced the dilemma of a modular vs carpenter-made kitchen.

We’re not here to discredit great carpenters. In fact, we love skilled carpenters. But can you trust skilled craftsmen with the design of your home? It’s the same as trusting your mechanic to design your favorite car. While your life would become impossible without your mechanic, you won’t be trusting them with design. Hence, in the same breath, we’re here to tell you why choosing carpenters isn’t such a good idea for interior design. 16 Reasons Why Hiring a Carpenter Is a Mistake

S.NO Features Modular Kitchen Civil Made Kitchen
How its Made
Machine Made Kitchen Latest CNC Technology & Contemporary Concept
Hand Made Kitchen Traditional Concept
Kitchen Room / Space
Modular Kitchen Needs an Empty Room / Space - Without Any Concrete Slab & Counter Top . The Counter Top Will be Fixed After The Completion Of The Modular Kitchen at Site
Carpenter Will Work With Already Made Concrete Slab , Counter Top & Sink . And the Depth of the Counter Top May be Uneven Sizes and Uneven Concrete Heights From The Floor
Manufacting at Factory & Assembled In House - Nails Are Not Used To Connect The Panels - Instead Advanced German Minifix Hardware is Used To Connect The Panels
Made By Carpenter At Site (I,e). House - Nails Only Used To Connect The Panels . So That Dismandle and Reassemle Are Not Possible
Quality & Design
Using Branded Raw Metrials , Producing High Quality Products With Perfect Finishes & Accurate Dimensions
Hand Made Product - Finishes won't Be Perfect & Precise
Drawing & Visualization
CAD / CAM - 2D & 3D Design Visualization Is Possible
Not Possible
Installation Team
Qualified & Skilled Technicians - Less Man Power Requried For Factory Production & Installation at Site
Unqualified & Semi Skilled Persons - More Man Power Required For Making The Kitchen
Assemble & Dismantle
Can Be Assembled, Dismantled & Re - Used
Not Possible To Assemble , Dismantle & Re - Use it Again
Edge Banding
Sharp Edges Are Avoided - Giving The Clear & Sleek Look
2 mm Edge Banding & Membrane Finishing Is Not Possible
Addition & Alterations
Once You Finalize The Design - You Cannot Change The Design & Finishes
You Can Make Any Change At Any Stage
Time For Construction
Parts Are Already Manufactured At Factory . So It Takes Few Days Only To Make The Kitchen
It Takes At least a Month Time To Complete The Kitchen
Easy & Hassle Free No Stress To The House Owners . ( No Cutting , No Pasting , No Naling , No Sawing , No Noise & No Dust at Site )
Carpenter Working & Creating a Mess at Home. Floors & Wall Can Get Ruined You Have to be Involved at Every Stage ( Carpenter Will Do Pasting , Cutting , Naling , Drilling ,Sawing at Site . So Noise & Dust Will Come )
Cleaning & Maintenance
Very Easy
Not Simple
Wide Range of Designs , Finishes , Colors , Patterns , Latest Imported Hardware Fittings , Appliances & Imported Accessories
Limited Number of Design Options Ordinary Dabba Drawer
Flexible , Easy to Maintain , Smooth Finish , Good Quality Cabinets & Shutters
Look & Finishing is Not Good
No Hidden Cost Cost is Slightly More - Because of The Quality Raw Materials , Branded Hardware Fittings , High Quality Factory CNC Manufacturing & Tax Billing . No Surprises in Final Price - Because , No Change In The Quote From The Beginning of The Work
Hidden Cost is Possible - More Flexiable With Pricing - May Quote Lower Cost in The Beginning - The Quote May Go High Estimate at The End of The Work - But End Product Will Stand Intial Quoted Price Only
Factory Modular Product Will Get The Warranty and Service For Lifetime
No Warranty and No Service After Completion Of The Kitchen
modular kitchen
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